DeFi: The battle of the blockchains20230719083348

DeFi: The battle of the blockchains

Venice SwapJuly 19, 20230 comments
For some, open, public blockchains provide a second chance at building a digital economy. The fact that applications built on top of such blockchains ...
Game Theory on Decentralized Platforms20230717082102

Game Theory on Decentralized Platforms

Venice SwapJuly 17, 20230 comments
Game theory delves into the realm of strategic decision-making, exploring scenarios where multiple parties are involved and each one’s choices a...
The Rise of DeFi: How Tokens Can Change Our Lives20230712081621

The Rise of DeFi: How Tokens Can Change Our Lives

Venice SwapJuly 12, 20230 comments
Photo credit: “Ethereum Defi” by is licensed under CC BY 2.0. In the financial systems we are used to, the intermediation of ban...
Digital Fundraising with Smart Contracts20230710081504

Digital Fundraising with Smart Contracts

Venice SwapJuly 10, 20230 comments
Smart contracts are used in crowdfunding and similar financing projects to raise funds . Thanks to the features such as self-execution and immutabilit...
What Is Metaverse In Simple Words?20230706074829

What Is Metaverse In Simple Words?

Venice SwapJuly 6, 20230 comments
Metaverse comes from the prefix “meta” which is of Greek origin and means “beyond” and “verse” which comes from th...
Oh My DeFi… (The future’s investment)20230703081525

Oh My DeFi… (The future’s investment)

Venice SwapJuly 3, 20230 comments
Decentralized Finance, also known as DeFi, uses cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to manage financial transactions. DeFi aims to democratize fi...
Changing Entrepreneurship and Decentralized Investing20230628074418

Changing Entrepreneurship and Decentralized Investing

Venice SwapJune 28, 20230 comments
We looked at decentralized structures and tried to explain why they are important. In summary, centralized structures suffer from security inconvenien...
The World’s Largest Computer: The Story of Ethereum20230626085711

The World’s Largest Computer: The Story of Ethereum

Venice SwapJune 26, 20230 comments
We have been saying thousands of machines connected to each other for a long time. These machines work independently, creating systems that cannot be ...
What is Security Token?20230622074321

What is Security Token?

Venice SwapJune 22, 20230 comments
Security Tokens are programmable crypto assets that enjoy the regulatory protections associated with traditional securities. Security Tokens are the c...
What role do stablecoins play in forking?20230619074429

What role do stablecoins play in forking?

Venice SwapJune 19, 20230 comments
What is the difference between Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS)? Will the merger create a new fork? What will be the role of stablecoins i...