Deposit, Hold and Win on Venice Swap!


VENICE deposit & holding competition  with $37,654 Total Prize has been just launched on Venice Swap!

VENICE deposit & holding competition has just started on Venice Swap! Participate in VENICE deposit & holding  competition and get a reward!

VENICE is the utility token that powers Venice Swap ecosystem.

Venice Swap shapes a new concept of crypto exchange where an ecosystem of different applications create a powerful shared one-stop crypto experience for end users and traders.

VENICE deposit & holding competition will last for 1 month!

Total reward pool is 335,000 VENICE / $37,654. *

To participate in VENICE deposit & holding competition on Venice Swap, you just need to do 3 easy steps:

📌 Deposit EUR, USD, USDT, ETH, OR BTC; for each 10 USD equivalent* deposited in the accepted currencies you’ll get 1 point;

📌 Hold them for the entire period of competition, or use them to buy VENICE;

📌 At the end who will earn more points will get the prizes according to the prize pool.

Your daily wallet balances are summed up and considered for the distribution of the prize pool.

Every user can participate every currency prize pool and win till 45,000 VENICE / $5,058*

Prize pool

For each accepted currency we have a different prize pool as follows:

Total reward pool is 335,000 VENICE / $37,654.

Notes: * points and prize pool are calculated at the 6th november 2023 change

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