Investors’ new favorite: What is Metaverse and Metaverse Coins?

The changes brought about by technology carry the way people communicate with each other to the internet environment, and nowadays people spend more time online. Increasingly, digital assets and resources are emerging as a reflection of our presence in the virtual world. “Metaverse”, one of the most popular words in the technology and crypto world recently, is a value paradigm born from the perspective of these developments.

Metaverse, which carries physical reality to the virtual world, has already started to shape its own new economic model and tools. You can browse the rest of the article to discover much more about Metaverse, which is led by the world’s leading technology companies and attracts the attention of investors.

Metaverse: From traditional finance to virtual finance

What is Metaverse?

Although Metaverse is one of the most popular titles in technology right now, this concept was first mentioned in the book written by American author Neal Stephenson in 1992. Metaverse, mentioned in the science fiction book “Snow Crash” refers to the three-dimensional (3D) virtual environment in which people take shelter to get away from their own reality. Metaverse is also featured in many science fictions or dystopia-based artistic content such as “The Matrix”, “Avatar” and “Black Mirror”. So why do we hear this concept so often lately?

Among the biggest reasons why Metaverse has settled into everyone’s language is Facebook Inc. The name of the technology group of companies known as Meta has been changed. In addition, CEOs of global technology companies such as Marc Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and Tim Sweeney underline that meta worlds are the technology of the future at every opportunity. Game companies such as Epic Games and Roblox continue to work on Metaverse. Technology companies such as social media platform Twitter, software giant Microsoft and Nvidia are already announcing their million-dollar projects for the creation of their own Metaverse ecosystems.

Metaverse is actually too comprehensive and umbrella term to be explained with a single concept. In the simplest terms, Metaverse refers to a virtual universe that has been shaped by the evolution of the internet, realized in the light of the revolutions that can replace the information age, and is still being established. Imagine living in a place where you always stay young, become the mayor of the city, meet any artist you want, and build the house you want. Here, all of this, which sounds like a dream, is possible with your  digital transformation identity in the surrealist Metaverse universe.

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What to Do in Metaverse

metaverse; Web 3.0 refers to different digital domains such as virtual reality (AR), augmented reality (VR), hologram, internet of things (IoT), NFT-based assets and blockchain technologies. All these technologies help the idea of ​​moving people from the world of the two-dimensional screen into 3D virtual environments through a digital identity called Avatar and intermediaries. In this three-dimensional universe projected onto AR devices over internet networks, people can go to work or school, watch movies, shop, socialize and even attend meetings, connected and interacting with each other. In other words, everything that is done in the real world is also done in the Metaverse environment.  

The blockchain ecosystem, which expresses the new life form of humanity, brings its own economic tools and market in line with social and institutional needs. In the Metaverse universe, users are launching various digital assets to create and distribute their own cryptocurrencies. Metaverse Smart Token – Digital assets called MST are traded like any other Bitcoin-like coins on the cryptocurrency exchange. Cryptocurrencies like MST are attracting more and more investors as the concept of metaverse gains traction by the world’s leading companies.

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What is Metaverse ETP?

As part of this system, ETP takes its name from the concept of “Entropy”, which symbolizes the Metaverse universe. Entropy, on the other hand, is used by different disciplines of the quantitative and qualitative sciences to describe the disorder and chaos of many systems in the universe. ETP, short for entropy, is expressed as Metaverse’s own digital currency. The Metaverse ETP, which has spread all over the world from the Chinese crypto money industry, has been in existence since 2018. The price of ETP is shaped in line with the development of the Metaverse ecosystem and market demand. Therefore, as proactive technology companies invest in the Metaverse space and blockchain technologies diversify, the value of ETP in the cryptocurrency markets is also rising.

ETP is currently purchased through brokers that offer many cryptocurrencies. Token economists; They state that ETP and other Metaverse coins will have a long-term impact on the future of blockchain technology as they provide a fundamental infrastructure to third parties. The market size for Metaverse is estimated to reach approximately $800 billion by 2024. However, investors are advised to invest small amounts in digital assets with low trading volume and high volatility, such as ETP, after careful research.

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