Corporate companies’ interest in cryptocurrencies is increasing

Increasing institutional and large investor interest has recently gained a place on the agenda of the crypto ecosystem. A study conducted in the USA, Europe and the UK supports this situation by revealing that 1 in 2 asset managers hold digital assets in their clients’ accounts.

Recent research has revealed that the interest of institutional and large investors engaged in high-volume transactions in cryptocurrencies is on the rise. The rising institutional investor interest in digital assets, which started to be talked about especially after the applications of US-based established investment and portfolio management companies to establish a Bitcoin-based exchange traded fund (ETF), has been confirmed by the results of a research conducted with 60 investment companies in the USA, the UK and Europe. happened. Research conducted by Coalition Greenwich and Amberdata, which provides insights into the financial services industry, showed that 48 percent of asset management companies manage crypto and digital assets for their clients.

Confidence in crypto has increased

Commenting on the subject, a crypto expert said, “Although there is no clear framework for digital asset regulations in major economies, institutional investors seem quite optimistic about crypto. “This data shows that digital assets are much more solid today than they were a few years ago.” said.

Digital asset managers are employed in 1 in 4 investment companies

One of the striking findings of the said research was the data regarding position distributions in traditional investment companies. The report showed that 25 percent of 60 companies operating in the US, European and UK markets employ digital asset managers in their companies. On the other hand, it has been determined that companies that do not yet have employees in this field are also interested in increasing their capacity for digital assets within 12 months.

Stating that this interest from the world’s leading asset and portfolio management companies is predicted to increase the current employment of digital asset managers by one third, experts said, “The road map of asset management companies indicates that the interest of institutional investors will increase in the coming period. “Despite the increasing pressure on cryptocurrency exchanges, especially in the USA recently, there is a positive atmosphere for the future,” he said.

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One in two companies complains about regulations

Within the scope of the research, 60 leading asset management companies were also asked about their reasons for not offering digital asset services yet. While one of the two companies answered “regulatory obstacles” in response to this question, there were also participants who cited the nature of crypto, unclear tax-related regulations, and security concerns.

Noting that the steps to be taken by the regulators are very important at this point, experts said, “The Bitcoin ETF issue, which we, as Venice Swap, have been talking about frequently in the broadcasts we have participated in on YouTube and various media for a while, may be one of the most effective developments in this field. After BlackRock’s ETF application, Bitcoin went on a bull run and rose above 31 thousand dollars. The conclusion of such institutional issues and the clarification of the regulatory framework will be decisive for the markets. World-renowned traditional asset managers expect centralized exchanges to grow over the next five years.” he said.

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Develops special products for institutional investors

Stating that they are a cryptocurrency exchange that allows the buying and selling of more than 1,700 cryptocurrencies and has more than 13 million users, experts said: “We also offer special solutions for corporate customers under the umbrella of Venice Swap. “We are extremely assertive with our institutional products such as the Liquidity Program that offers attractive discounts on trading in the spot and futures markets, the Lending Service for hedging and other trading activities, Custody and Asset Management for the storage and management of institutional digital assets, and API solutions for brokers.”

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