What is Staking?

Staking is the process of keeping your cryptocurrencies locked in your wallet for a certain period of time without spending or transferring them to support the operations of a cryptocurrency chain. From these crypto coins you lock, you earn reward crypto money at certain rates during the period you lock. You need a special mobile or computer wallet to lock your cryptocurrencies.

The concept of staking is a concept that came to cryptocurrencies with the Proof of Stake (POS) mechanism. Its biggest contribution to the operation is the prevention of wasting a large amount of processing power. Satking is also beneficial for supply-demand balance as it limits the amount of cryptocurrencies in circulation. The less money there is in circulation in the staking cryptocurrency chain, the more likely the price will increase. In other words, the more cryptocurrencies that are stashed, the less likely the price will fall.

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What is Proof of Stake in Brief?

Proof of Stake is basically a system that allows cryptocurrency mining to be done at the rate of the cryptocurrency held in the wallet. With the Proof of Stake system, the miner allows him to do more or less according to the amount of crypto money in his wallet.

Proof of Stake was created as an alternative to the Proof of Work mining method. Proof of Work mining is done with high electricity consumption with special mining devices. Large facilities and high electrical power are needed in order to gain profits.

How Proof of Stake Works

Proof of Stake separates the mathematical problems required for crypto money transfers according to the cryptocurrency you have, not the device and electrical power as in Proof of Work mining.

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How Are Staking Rewards Calculated?

Mining earnings rates with Proof of Stake are dependent on the cryptocurrency to be mined. Basically, the higher the balance in your wallet, the more you earn.

Some cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, do not allow cryptocurrencies above a certain amount to be allocated to mining transactions with Proof of Stake in order to prevent inflation and keep the crypto money in circulation.

What is a Staking Pool?

Staking pools are mining where the same cryptocurrency is mined with Proof of Stake and different people combine their assets to increase the rate of return.

The prizes won are distributed according to the wealth ratio of the participants. Since establishing, developing, and managing a staking pool is a difficult process, pool founders receive some of the rewards earned by mining.

What is Cold Staking?

Cold Staking is the name given to the mining operation with assets held in hardware wallets called cold wallets. With Cold Stake, users can keep their assets safely and earn rewards by mining.

If the user moves the asset in the cold wallet to a different address, the mining will also be stopped because it will be disconnected from the network. It is one of the most advantageous jobs for holders of large assets. They can earn profits by keeping their balances safe.

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