Business Tokenization

Does Your Business Have Growth Needs?

Are you looking to find new customers? Do you wish to activate fundraising for your projects?

Then tokenizing your business is the solution for you.

Venice Swap specializes in developing this advanced service, allowing companies to employ innovative models for customer engagement, business growth, and potentially fundraising for the development or evolution of projects.

Let’s delve deeper into the unique services offered by Venice Swap, in collaboration with other companies in the business network it belongs to, such as Enkronos.

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    Key Phases of Our Tokenization Process

    1. Business Tokenization

      • It’s advised to commence with this macro-phase to kickstart word-of-mouth and support the project’s growth and development over time. This involves the following key activities:
    • Module 1: Issuance of Utility token ERC-20 built on the Ethereum blockchain. For convenience in drafting this document, we will refer to the client’s utility tokens with the fictional acronym XYZ, related to the client’s project. This stage foresees the total issuance of the entire amount conceived according to the project’s tokenomics of fungible TOKENS as per the ERC-20 standard on the Ethereum blockchain network. The tokens will be created all at once through an appropriate smart contract, ensuring legal compliance and future security.
    • Module 2: Complete Outsourcing for a better Legal compliance through a specialized company. To avoid legal and tax complications arising from the sale of utility tokens, clients are offered the possibility of legal protection through the issuance by a specialized and authorized crypto company. This company can also manage the token XYZ sales phases through a commercial agreement with the client.
    • Optional Modules: These include private OTC sales via Venice Swap, IEOs, promotions on Venice Swap through personalized Airdrop and Referral programs, and listing of XYZ tokens on Venice Swap’s exchange.

    2. MVP (Minimum Viable Product) Development:

    • Parallel to tokenizing the business, we focus on developing an initial platform prototype. This prototype may include features such as user login/registration, admin user management, product/service management, payment systems, news updates, and contact sections.

    3. Lead Generation Campaigns:

    • After the MVP launch, promotional lead generation campaigns will be initiated. These campaigns aim to increase app adoption among target audiences and primarily adherence to the client’s services

    4. Full Platform/Application Development:

    • Post MVP completion, full-scale digital platform development is undertaken. Additional functionalities like social login, user areas, referral systems, loyalty programs based on tokens, and more can be integrated.

    Why Choose Venice Swap for Business Tokenization?

    • Expertise: With a proven track record, Venice Swap stands as a leader in business tokenization, ensuring your project’s success from inception to launch and beyond.
    • Collaborative Approach: Working in tandem with top-tier firms like Enkronos ensures a multi-dimensional and holistic approach to your project.
    • Customized Solutions: Recognizing that every business has unique needs, our solutions are tailor-made to reflect your vision and objectives.

    Embark on Your Tokenization Journey with Venice Swap

    Ready to harness the transformative power of business tokenization? Let Venice Swap guide you every step of the way. Reach out to us today and set your business on the path to unparalleled digital success.

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